My First Blog!!

What’s up everyone?

its 2:12 in the morning and just created the blog. Wanted to join in the fun lol, my goal with this is to be of encouragement to people and point people to Jesus above all things through this blog.
Chose the name ‘all will echo’ for address ( because that is exactly what happens to all that transpires in ones life, it will echo in eternity…

As the Apostle Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 3:2 are all open letters read by all men… When they look back at my life whether it be through my actions, my blog posts, or words from mouth how will Alex be remembered? I Pray that by God’s grace to be recalled as person who showed the love of Christ and pointed people back to Him. Also a person that intentionally submitted to the lordship of Jesus Christ.

I’ll be posting sometimes something simple like ‘hello’ other times to share stuff that’s on my heart. You will see a person is who is flawed and needs Jesus daily to transform my heart. Also, you’ll see things that are goin on in my life, such as projects im working on and producing for, ministry updates, family, church, school (exciting lol) , and a lil bit about work lol. Hope everyone enjoys!

now 2:25 gotta go to bed and head to work tomorrow!

Soli Deo Gloria (Latin for ‘Glory to God alone’),


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