Truce and Nicky at Times Square (June 29th)


This Friday the 29th of June, I’ll be ministering with Truce at Times Square Church along with our our bossman lol Nicky Cruz. Times Square Church is pastored by David Wilkerson, the pastor who God use to save Nicky when he was president of Mau Maus in the 1950’s.

With that lil info you can understand one reason why it will be a memorable night, seeing both David Wilkerson’s ministry and Nicky Cruz’s coming together once again.

Heres an interview with Nicky in which he shares a bit of his testimony:

I’m one with Yankee cap on the flyer lol that picture has been used like 133497843 times! lol we need a new one.

Hopefully see you there,


One thought on “Truce and Nicky at Times Square (June 29th)

  1. I am loving his testimony…a great man…made great by GOD! I wish I could see you perform…but I know that the Lord will bless me with that one. Hey I am sorry I haven’t called u lately…I have been so busy with work and moving that I haven’t had time to chat. love you. Pray for us as we prepare to move into the house that GOD has given us…it is truly a dream house and we owe it to the Lord.


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