God’s design…


The whole crew

“He has made everything beautiful in its time…” (Ecclesiastes 3:11 )

Sunday I was able to share in my 2 of my greatest friends wedding, and was able to share in the experience of God’s true design of marriage and partnership of man and women. Its a beautiful thing. Me and Rich have been friends since grade school and have become brothers now as we have grown in Christ, ministry, life, as men, sports (i do ball better then him lol) in all. Anna, a woman that loves God and Rich…funny too i must say lol. Love them both greatly. They are a true encouragement to my life and to the body of Christ as a whole. I know that God is pleased. They are off to Bible school next so the legacy they will leave behind continues.

Grace and Peace,


One thought on “God’s design…

  1. I must say…” in His time things are beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!…”…thank u for your brotherhood, kid….i love u. To the rest of ya checking out my man”s page…..HE DEFINITELY DON’T BALL BETTA THAN ME!..LOL… Al, he is a true testament of integrity…lets follow Him even into the grave…

    Love you

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