Marital Status: Single (For Jesus’ Fame)

So a brief introduction of myself before I get into the good stuff. My name is Kenneth Tejeda and I’m Alex Medina’s favorite cousin! I’m currently a Pre-Seminary major at Cedarville University, while I’m not sure what it is that God is calling to specifically in the future, I know for certain that he is calling me to some kind of full-time ministry. So be in prayer for me while God carries out his plans and I try to live in accordance to the plan he has set out for me.

Alright, so three weeks ago I was playing basketball and ended up tearing my ACL in one of the games. I’m due for surgery at the beginning of May when I’m done with the school year, so till then I’ll be stuck in my dorm with a whole lot of time on my hands. At first I hated that I couldn’t go ball out but then realized how much of a blessing it was. I’d been struggling with finding time to sit and meditate on the Word and just spend time in communication with God, so whenever I did get to throw a prayer up it would always be for God to open up some time for me to spend time with him, well he did just that! (HA!) Well it truly has been amazing and today I’d like to share something that is heavy on my heart and what I believe God is calling many of us to, which is Singleness.

I was raised in a family that is very family oriented and everyone is pretty much married or in some kind of relationship. So the pressure is there to find a mate that not only meets your standards, but your family’s as well. Then comes our cultures views of singleness from the view of a man/woman. From a man’s point of view, a single man in our culture is considered as possibly homosexual or just not dominant in his masculinity. But as a man/woman of God what does it mean to be single. Is it good or is it bad? The answer to this question is found in 1 Corinthians 7:7, “I wish that all men were [single] as I am. But each man has his own gift from God; one has this gift, another has that.” It is clearly a gift from God, but how is that so? In my opinion singleness provides the opportunity to fully devote yourself to God and what he is or has called you to. That isn’t to take away from marriage and the beauty that is found in it, but I as a young adult who is single and still has plenty of time to find someone to marry, I am currently devoted to singleness and devoted myself completely to Christ and the ministry that he began on this planet and left to his bride, the church. There is so much more that I can say about this topic, but what I want for you to take away from this blog is that those of you who are single, be encouraged because you are blessed to be single and given the freedom to give yourself completely to Christ without the stress of a relationship/marriage/family, and those of you who have the gift of marriage, take full responsibility and care of what you have been given, because you are a picture of Christ and his bride, the church. So if you’re either married to someone that God has provided for you or married to Christ and his church, know that we will only find true joy and peace in the love that is found in a relationship with the Almighty God.

Be Blessed!


**Something more to help you sleep better at night (Please note sarcasm): Margaret Clarkson has no doubts in her own mind after six decades of singleness: “I may not blame my singleness on God. Singleness, like homosexuality, suffering, death, and all else that is less than perfect in this world, was not God’s original plan for his creation. It was one of the many results of man’s fall.” Thus Jesus’ singleness would not be sin but a participation in the calamities of the fallen world, like his mortality.”

One thought on “Marital Status: Single (For Jesus’ Fame)

  1. Just wanted to say I totally agree with your words. I am a young woman totally in love with Christ, and when I turned 22 years old this past November it was as if I crossed that line where now people are constantly asking me when I’m getting married, and I don’t even have a significant other! lol

    I began to struggle with the whole singleness thing at first but then realized that I am still young and this is my time to fully devote my life to God and what He wants me to do.

    Thank you for your encouraging words =) God bless!

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