writings from wes pendleton…


Tucked away in seclusion,

overwhelmed by the sheer thoughts of nothingness.

Recycled themes clutter the real joy in life.

A joy I see glimpses of, but fail daily to retain fully.

Books & blogs.

Science & Religion.

Atheism & Faith.

I rest on these borders everyday.

What I know to be true is bombarded with doubt and frustration.

But why?

My nature as man seeks the corrupted.

The shiny, the massive, the bold…

I seek wisdom, while my very being still craves.

To be seen.

To be wanted.

To be somebody.

But the wisdom I seek, shows me to flee these things,

For I am one of His.

These cravings will soon give way to total surrender.

Only in this surrender will I truly be free.

-Wes Pendleton


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