POEM:: The Grace That Opens Eyes

The grace that opens eyes
O’ what a wonderful abounding grace
Which mine blinded eyes opened
Removed my veil, and revealed thy face
The door to thy glory broadened.

T’was this grace my false hopes shattered,
Transforming the wicked person: I!
In place stood thy love unbattered,
This worms disposition is why?

immeasurable in it’s height and depth
A river still flowing in my backsliding,
This heart on hostility is set, in every breath,
Yet for me grace remains, pleading.

W’re thy grace in me not working,
In the heart of hell would my soul be
You empowering me to sin be fleeting,
‘Tis grace will bring me blameless before thee.

Grace which led to the lamb’s blood-shed
Upon him the chastisement that set us free!
Of our record of debt clear because, he bled
The joy of your glory in eternity to forever see.

-Ramny Perez

One thought on “POEM:: The Grace That Opens Eyes

  1. I have a son that I think you can help with God’s love. He is into music and Fl Studio. He struggling with anti God stuff. You can find him on facebook. Baxter Graham Whitefish montana. As the lord leads!! Blessings.

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