All it takes is one. All it took was one strand of E.coli to be processed into one hamburger patty,to make it to one burger king, to one mom, whose one son, took one bite and the one life he hadwould then be over. All it took was a series of one events to lead to one of the biggest recalls onbeef. Because of one situation America has never been the same.

In 2001, one man, Vernon burger, who had, one passion, that being Jesus, took one trip, toSouthern Sudan and connected with one bishop, who was trying to love and spread the gospel tomany who were orphaned by the civil war. Since that one trip in 2001, HIS VOICE GLOBALhas been in an ongoing relationship with the EPC (Evangelical Presbyterian Church), 10 yearsand three orphanages later they seek to continue the movement to open a fourth.
You might ask the question what makes this place so special? Sudan was in war for over 20years before signing a peace agreement in 2006. Until the peace agreement this was the longestcivil war to date in human history, leaving over 2 million dead and many children withoutparents. So what makes this place unique!?!? Many things but one is there are many who haveteamed up, like HIS VOICE GLOBAL and The Village Church, to be a gospel centered presencethrough proclamation and practice. While The Village Church has sent many teams to trainpastors, equip leaders and love the children in these orphanages in Yei, HIS VOICE GLOBALwas the door that God used to bring a gospel centered presence from the west into this area of theworld. Now there is an opportunity for you to be a part of this continued movement of Christ inthis region for as little as a dollar.

This past September a group of 13 from all walks of life from Reach Records, The villageChurch, Red Revolution, Collision Records and HIS VOICE GLOBAL partnered under TheVillage banner to go and minister to those in Southern Sudan. They ministered through teaching,medical, music, and loving children who were victims of the Civil War that now live in oneof the three Orphanages sponsored by HIS VOICE GLOBAL. Moved by the fruit there andcontinued need, Tedashii, Lecrae (Reach Records artist), Swoope (Collision Records artist) andJai teamed up to do a single to raise awareness and funds for a fourth orphanage in SouthernSudan. The single, which is slated to be released November 16th under new label CollisionRecords is called Actions Speak Louder. This single and symbol seen above calls believers tomove beyond awareness and put their prayers in motion, to quote the song. The symbol inspiredby the scriptures that say a strand of three cords are not easily broken (Ecclesiastes 4:12), theexclamation points showing the immediate nature of the call to apply the gospel (Luke 4:18-19),the highlight of one exclamation point showing the power of one to change and lead others andthe patch like design showing the reality that there is strength in numbers, calling believers toaction, an action beyond themselves.

So leading up to this date will you be the one to blog, the one to tweet, the one to put atwibbon on your twitter account (see the twibbon below click on the link to support), theone to Facebook, the one to lead and allow you actions to speak as loud as your words. Theaverage number of songs downloaded per day are close to 10,000,000 yes that is correct10 million. Come November 16th HIS VOICE GLOBAL only needs over 250,000 one’s todownload this amazing song (which is not even 10% of the daily average) to complete and havea fourth self sustaining orphanage. We are not asking you to change your lifestyle just point yourefforts toward something that will last. The amazing thing about this whole campaign is that 100percent of the profits from the song will go toward this fourth orphanage. All it takes is one!!!

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