Idea for new @TripLee116 album

Trip Lee will be releasing his fourth studio album this year. We have been hard at work at it as he approaches the end of his internship. Hopefully the Lord will grant fresh ideas and creativity. Assembling a good team of brothers to work with on this one. Expect stuff from usual collaboraters; Big Juice, D-Flow, and Joseph Prielozny… and of course… Andy Mineo (C-lite). May Jesus be pleased and glorified.

Be on the look out for the two tracks I produced on Tedashii’s new project “Blacklight”, Rock a Bye Baby & Reverse ft. C-lite. Andy and I co-wrote the hook for Reverse, it is probably my favorite song I have been able to work on with him. The process for this song was very similar to that of Background. I jotted down a concept and framework for the hook based on idea of Jesus words, “So the last will be first, and the first will be last” (Matt 20:16), and C-lite brought it to life.  Hope you enjoy!!

Album will be released on iTunes May 24th. Also, you can even listen to the entire new album ‘Blacklight’ first on’s iPhone & Android Apps. MAY 21st!

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