Hymns that have shaped me.

Some hymns grip me more than others. The following are three hymns that God has most particularly used to captivate my heart with hope and truth. No matter the circumstance I find myself in when I sing these songs they reanchor my life on Christ and the power of his life, death, and resurrection on behalf of sinners like me. (In no particular order)

1) Before the Throne of God Above (Written by Charitie Bancroft, 1863)

2) There is a Fountain Filled with Blood (Written by William Cowper, 1772)

William Cowper dealt with great depression and suffering. In the midst of it, he penned the words to this song. (Video: Bio of William Cowper)

3) In Christ Alone (Written by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend, 2002)

This one is a modern hymn but never the less rich with great truth.

I hope these hymns bless you as much as they have blessed me.


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