Trip Lee – The Good Life


It was a joy working with Trip on the couple of songs I got to produced. This album will hopefully cause you to forsake the fantasy life and to trust Jesus and live, live the good life. Whether your in peace or suffering Christ is supremely valuable.

The album comes out April 10, 2012.

(This track listing contains some of the production credits that I am aware of)

1. New Dreams (feat J.R. & Sho Baraka)
2. Robot (Produced by Dirty Rice)
3. I’m Good (feat. Lecrae) (produced by CJ Luzi)
4. War (Produced by Alex Medina, co-produced by Swoope)
5. Fallin’ (feat. J. Paul)
6. i-Love (Produced by Alex Medina, co-produced by D-Flow)
7. Know Me
8. One Sixteen (feat. Andy Mineo & KB) (produced by Mark Mims, Andre Atkinson, & Sharif Chauncey. Additional Production by Alex Medina)
9. Heart Problem (produced by G-Styles)
10. Take Me There (feat. Jimmy Needham)
11. Beautiful Life (feat. V. Rose)
12. Fantasy (feat. Suzy Rock)
13. Love On Display (feat. Andy Mineo (Co-produced by Joseph Prielozny and Alex Medina)
14. For My Good (feat. Jai)
15. Good Thing (feat. Leah Smith)

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