BALLIN’ T-Shirt Comes to an End…

BALLIN' Tee Comes to an End

The internet is a powerful thing. It can be used for good. It can take something created in a couple of minutes, in a living room, and put it on the backs of hundreds within days. The response to my Jeremy Lin inspired shirt was overwhelming and I am extremely thankful for all those who supported it and voted for me on

But, it must come to an end. This past weekend the NBA asked to end the production of the Ballin Tee because they own the rights to Jeremy Lin and his likeness. With that being said, Thank you. It was fun contributing to the Linsanity.

P.S. If you placed your order by Friday, March 9th, you will still receive your shirt.

8 thoughts on “BALLIN’ T-Shirt Comes to an End…

  1. I think you meant March, not May, Alex. just FYI. Bummed that you couldn’t go further with the Tee, but glad to see you making an impact in everything you do. 🙂

  2. Stupid request simply they should have,asked for a percentage of shirt sales and promoted the shurt through their channels..mans sinful greedy nature to dominate blinds em sometimes even in moments,when it coukd work in their favor…#business101fordumbexecs

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