Thank You Trip Lee.

Thank You Trip. Thank you for letting me be a part of what God has entrusted you with. When I first met you, around 2008, I was intimidated. You seemed really serious. You had the wisdom of an older man but the body of a 16 year old… basically I thought you were Benjamin Button. I never would have imagined that I’d be producing tracks on a number of your albums and traveling with you as your hypeman/road manager. You gave me a chance and for that I’m thankful. Even greater than that..I am grateful to God for allowing us to become brothers and friends. I thank God for you and Jess. You guys have been a blessing to Eli and I. I walked with you as you labored through this decision and I saw much sobriety in you. You were not trapped by the fame and success but you always held it with an open hand and never a closed fist. All you cared for was faithfulness. Faithfulness to God and his redeeming work. That same captivity to the beauty of our Savior is what will keep you in this new season. I know this isn’t the end but to see you transition from this platform (rap/albums/tours) brings me both joy and sadness. Joy because you are being faithful to obey God’s call and sadness because this chapter closes. I love you brother. Once again, thank you.


Video: What’s Next for Trip Lee?

7 thoughts on “Thank You Trip Lee.

  1. And thank you Trip Lee for all the years of service to your fans and listeners. Word, Mr. Medina. I feel the same way, although I don’t know Trip the way you do.

  2. Amen brother.
    It has been a joy to watch someone serve like him.
    I’ve served in ministry for 8 years and can honestly say that the ministry of Trip Lee is as you’ve said.
    Praise God.

  3. THANK YOU TRIP!! I met you at the 1st show you did in St.Louis (Da B.L.I.N.G.) and chilled with you in chicago for the 1st legacy (back then it was the Heavyweights). We connected and started talking through email and I was encouraged and greatly inspired by your life and the fact that you really did care about the young people you influenced. I stopped viewing you as just a rapper, but the person who showed me what it looked like to be young and unashamed

  4. It was so hard to have this tour come so close to where I live and yet not be able to make it. I had a pretty good feeling that this would be one of the last (if not THE last) tours Trip would be going on with the Reach Records crew. Every time an original member leaves, it’s bittersweet. I thank God for such a faithful group of men and their awesome wives, families, and support back home. I thank God for bringing each and every one of you to His truth. I cannot say often enough how blessed I have been by all of the truth that has been lived and rapped and brought on tour. God has done and is doing amazing things. I pray for you all like you are brothers! I was excited for Sho as he “left” to do his next thing. Now, I am excited for Trip too as it’s his turn.

    Alex, we met in 09 at the DWYL tour. I got to see the whole crew of those days and FLAME too. To see them all together for the first (and what I think will be my last time) will always be something I remember. I saw two different shows in my area and they were AMAZING. I cried. It was great to see and hear and thank them personally for bringing the gospel into my own life and the lives of so many others as well.

    I got into this genre just as I was starting to mature in Christ and CMR was bringing FLAME onto the scene. A year or so later, Lecrae’s first solo album came out. To hear such solid lyrics was refreshing. The whole crew was very good at what they brought and I think everyone has only improved. It is my prayer that each and every one of you continue to be FAITHFUL to live and rap and bring the truth of God and His mission for all to see and hear! It is my prayer that whatever seasons come next, each man would rap now as they rapped then. For the glory and honor and NAME of our great God!

    I can’t say thank you enough!

  5. Thanks Trip for 20-20. My doctrine & view of God forever changed after that record.
    I know i’ll have to make a similar decision too one day soon & your example has been of benefit to me. Thank you.

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