The Making of Lecrae “Walk With Me” ft. Novel

I first came across this song back in 2004 while I was trying to find the sample Kanye West used in “Jesus Walks.” Throughout the years I tried to sample this song but it always felt forced. I even sent it out to a couple producer friends of mine to see what they could come up with. The sample was just to good and rich. Nine years later I decided to pull it out while in the studio with JR and Wit working on Lecrae’s album “Gravity.” This is how it went down.



Sample: Solomon Burke “I Want Jesus To Walk With Me”
Produced by The Watchmen (JR, Alex Medina & Wit) Organ: Rudy Currence
Artist: Lecrae ft. Novel

Follow: The Watchmen

Buy: Lecrae – Gravity 

9 thoughts on “The Making of Lecrae “Walk With Me” ft. Novel

  1. This is fantastic! So much talent. Thank you for this song fellas, it has seriously been a help and encouragement through some tough times. Keep it coming!

  2. hey ya’ll should do a group album someday, producing every song and feat. different rappers some day, that would be so dope!

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