2 thoughts on “Never Land (Album Cover)

  1. Hi Mr Medina, I enjoyed all the tracks on This Andy’s Never Land… But i want. Your perspective on this cover art, it’s expedient for us Christians to enlighten one another , i don’t want to dwell on assumptions…

  2. Hi, My name is William Luperena. I am a designer, currently studying communication design. I’m seeking your assistance on a project I’m working on for school. In my Graphic Design history class I’ve been given the assignment to make a presentation comparing and contrasting a contemporary piece with a historic piece. I’ve decided to choose Andy Mineo’s “Never Land” album cover as my contemporary piece. I would greatly appreciate it if you can give me your insight on your art direction of the design. Thank you, if it is possible you can email me at no.affiliations@aol.com

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