10 thoughts on “GRAPHIC DESIGN

  1. Alex,

    I am currently working with a electro rap artist looking to reposition his brand and web identity.

    While we have a web developer on board, I’m looking to discuss pricing and availability on this time sensitive project.

    I can be reached at 240.476.9665

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Russell Markus

  2. Hey Alex,

    Jeramey gave me your info. I’m a Pastor from Chicago. I am looking for a interactive website for my biz. Its a motivational speaking, youth mentoring and gang consulting program. I am looking for something young, urban and professional. Something a bizness man would connect with and a youth would be inspired by.

    Would love to chat more.
    Please hit me up when your able to.

    grace and peace

  3. Hey Alex,
    Mamlaka greetings

    My name is Sibhale Nyhila, aka Stax, I’m from Cape town (South Africa) And a fellow citizen in God’s Kingdom. I’m a junior art director at Bester Burke Slingers (Ad Agency).

    I would love to get in contact with you and do some buisness on the music side of things, as this is where I want to venture into in the near future. Kingdom Hip Hop is seriously needed in our country and continent at large. We need to counter the negative culture ,that the media, is selling to us from the states with something positive. That’s holy hip hop, I hope to hear from you soon?

    Grace and peace

  4. LECREA can u come to long island in Selden to sing i would apreciate it there are some kids that are my friends that need god they are so far away from god i would love it thank u for ur time

  5. I am with the 300 praise team and is looking for a graphic designer to design our website for our record label. Please contact me so we can discuss the detail and your pricing. Thanks for your time!

    Ivy Garner

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