Derek Minor’s ‘Minorville’ Tracklist


1. Lost In Minorville
2. IGWT (feat. Thi’sl)
3. Gimmie
4. We Gone Make It (feat. Canton Jones)
5. Ready, Set, Go
6. Hot Air Balloon (feat. Kiya Lacy)
7. We Are (Champions) (feat. SPZRKT)
8. Love You Better (feat. JC)
9. Respect That (feat. RMG)
10. Making Me More (feat. Mel Washington)
11. Sweet Dreams
12. Dear Mr. Christian, (feat. Dee-1 & Lecrae)
13. Heaven’s Little Runaway
14. Homecoming
15. Deaf (Bonus)

Christians Must Be Like and Unlike Their Neighbors

So, first of all, Christians must be like their neighbors in the food they eat and clothes they wear, their dialect, general appearance, work life, recreational and cultural activities, and civic engagement. They participate fully in life with their neighbors. Christians should also be like their neighbors with regard to excellence. That is, Christians should be very good at what others want to be good at. They should be skillful, diligent, resourceful, and disciplined. In short, Christians in a particular community should—at first glance—look reassuringly similar to the other people in the neighborhood. This opens up nonbelievers to any discussion of faith, because they recognize the believers as people who live in and understand their world. It also, eventually, gives them a glimpse of what they could look like if they became believers…

Second, Christians must be also unlike their neighbors. In key ways, the early Christians were startlingly different from their neighbors; it should be no different for us today. Christians should be marked by integrity. Believers must be known for being scrupulously honest, transparent, and fair. Followers of Christ should also be marked by generosity. If employers, they should take less personal profit so customers and employees have more pay. As citizens, they should be philanthropic and generous with their time and with the money they donate for the needy. They should consider living below their potential lifestyle level. Believers should also be known for their hospitality, welcoming others into their homes, especially neighbors and people with needs. They should be marked by sympathy and avoid being known as self-serving or even ruthless in business or personal dealings. They should be marked by an unusual willingness to forgive and seek reconciliation, not by a vengeful or spiteful spirit.

In addition to these character qualities, Christians should be marked by clear countercultural values and practices. Believers should practice chastity and live consistently in light of the biblical sexual ethic. Those outside the church know this ethic—no sex outside of marriage—and any inconsistency in this area can destroy a believer’s credibility as a Christian.

– Tim Keller “Center Church” (Kindle | Hardcover)